Angry Birds Transformers 001427

What do angry birds and giant alien robots that transform into cars have in common? If you answered “merchandise business worth billions,” congratulations, you were right. But soon there will be more, as Rovio just announced Angry Birds Transformers, its latest game in the ever expanding Angry Birds universe.

Following the success of the Star Wars tie-up, Rovio is now teaming up with Hasbro to bring another high-profile franchise to the app stores, by way of an Angry Birds game. Under the cheeky “Birds disguised as robots in disguise” tagline, the game will pitch noble Autobirds against vile Deceptihogs in a mega mash-up like your phone has never seen before.

angry birds transfomers

Details are scarce for now, but Rovio is pretty optimistic that Angry Birds Transformers will be a hit: “This mash-up is going to appeal to those who grew up with the brand in the 80s, as well as fans of the brand today. People are going to love it!” said the company’s CMO. Of course, there’s huge business to be made with toys and the like, and Rovio and Hasbro are planning a new line of Transformers Telepods, toys that players can scan to unlock new characters in the game. The new Telepod line will launch in September 2014.

Rovio has not release any details about Angry Birds: Transformers’ availability, other than “coming soon.” The announcement comes hot on the heels of the release last week of Rovio’s first RPG Angry Birds game, called Angry Birds Epic.