Angry Birds Star Wars

Last week Android Authority reported on Rovio’s tweet, which teased a possible Star Wars and Angry Birds mash-up. It’s now official. Angry Birds Star Wars will arrive on Nov. 8th for a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC.

Not much is known about the mechanics of this somewhat bizarre re-envisioning of the Star Wars trilogy. We do know that it will be more than just the bird-flinging style that we are used to. Like the recently released Bad Piggies, this title is going to be a true ‘sequel’ when it comes to mechanics and gameplay.

The game will actually follow the storyline of the original Star Wars movies. How Darth Vader pig can possibly be related to bird Luke is beyond me. Taking Star Wars and giving it a light and comical twist has been done before with the popular Lego Star Wars franchise. Even though it’s not completely original in concept, this will probably do extremely well.

Rovio might make a decent amount of money from the Angry Birds games, but that isn’t where the real money is found. Merchandise sales have been very kind to the Finnish company, and adding Star Wars merchandise to the list is a genius move. Angry Birds was already one of the most iconic game series in the mobile world. Adding Star Wars to the mix will surely cement its place in history.

Are you interested in checking this one out or are you sick of the franchise by now?