Angry Birds Star Wars

What do you get when you combine two successful franchises in the entertainment industry? If prior success in the Angry Birds franchise is any indication, then we might just get ourselves another mobile gaming hit. We earlier shared that mobile game developer Rovio has a Star Wars crossover in the works, and has likewise released a few teaser videos and images. We now have a sneak peak through a gameplay footage video.

This new teaser video shows us a snippet of the upcoming title’s gameplay. We earlier speculated that the new crossover game might feature some elements borrowed from other games in the Angry Birds franchise. It seems casual gaming enthusiasts will not be disappointed. More than the usual slingshot-action, Angry Birds Star Wars will pose additional challenges, such as an AT-AT Walker, which actually shoots back at your birds while they travel in the air.

Of course, the major gameplay characteristics are retained, such as the physics-oriented nature of Angry Birds. I wonder, though, whether there will be differences depending on which planet or place you are in the Star Wars canon.

Which brings us to the question: Are franchise crossovers a great way for game developers to spark interest among its target audience? Can gaming crossovers drum up interest in an expanded audience altogether? For instance, will Angry Birds Star Wars attract fans of the Star Wars who may otherwise be disinterested with the mobile game?

Either way, the additional gameplay elements will be sure to be an interesting addition. Rovio seems to be diligent enough to introduce something significantly new in each iteration of Angry Birds.

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