angry birds star wars Angry Birds Star Wars has received an update today that sees the inclusion of 20 new levels. The new levels are being called Escape From Hoth and not only include the 20 levels, but 2 bonus levels, and a boss fight. These are all augmented with new mynock pigs to make getting along more difficult.

The update is available now in the Google Play Store and, of course, it’s free of charge. It’s also been updated on the iOS side. So if you’re already playing Angry Birds Star Wars, you should get that Play Store notification that there is an update any time now. Darrell Etherington of Tech Crunch noted that the updates haven’t made it to the Blackberry and Windows Phone yet. So if you have one of those, you’ll be waiting a little longer.

As if we all needed another reason to skip work today, right? Has anyone given the new levels a try? Let us know if they’re any good. If you wanna see the game play in action, check the video below.

Joe Hindy
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