10 million downloads? Pfft. How about 50 million downloads in just 35 days? That’s more like it.

That happens to be the number of downloads that Angry Birds Space has accumulated within 35 days of being launched into space. So, what’s next for the temperamental bunch of fowls? Rovio took yesterday to their website and Twitter account to thank gamers for the fantastic reception and to announce the historic milestone, which breaks the Finns’ previous records.

The game developers teased us by saying that there’s “something even bigger on its way!”  That’s a pretty vague statement to be speculate about, so, instead, enjoy the 10 new levels of Angry Birds Space that have been recently rolled out by Rovio, on top of the previous 60 levels.

But we can’t help speculating nonetheless. Apparently, Rovio is preparing to turn the exploits of the world’s most popular birds into a weekly animation series. Expected to start this fall, we will get 52 episodes of the Angry Birds cartoon series, with each episode running for 3 minutes. It’s still unclear how the series will be distributed, but you can bet that it’ll be integrated closely with the games.

What do you think Rovio means by “something even bigger”? Are you excited by the prospect of a cartoon series starring our feathery friends?

Bams Sadewo
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