Are you ready for some bird-slinging action? In space? Today, Rovio has finally unleashed its long-awaited Angry Birds Space, which today became available for download on Android and iOS devices (an even on Windows PCs and Macs, if you’re into that stuff). The game boasts over 60 interstellar levels for you to try your aiming skills, and you can be sure that the new cosmic backdrop will pose some fun challenges.

Among other twists, the sequel to the original Angry Birds mega-hit requires you to take into account the lack of gravity, as you navigate the restraint-challenged birds to planets, stars, black holes, and what not. Angry Birds Space also features brand new birds with various super powers. All your favorite angry fowl are making a comeback, along with a newly introduced extra-terrestrial Ice Bird that can turn anything it touches into ice. Because that just makes sense!

For now, only the free version of Angry Birds Space is available to download in the Google Play Store. This means you’ll have to put up with the odd mobile ads every now and then. However, if you head over to the Amazon Appstore, you can grab the ad-free version for $0.99, though the free version is also available there.

Those who own a Samsung Galaxy Note will get to enjoy some exclusive Angry Birds Space content, which includes a Galaxy Note branded level, exclusive weapons, and the game’s first 30-level DLC pack.

Are you planning to spend many nights playing Angry Birds Space? Do you have a favorite bird from the whole gang?