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Angry Birds was downloaded on nearly half of all Android and iOS devices activated on Christmas

January 3, 2013
angry birds
There is no doubt that Angry Birds is a popular game. When your app gets a mention in TV sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, you know you’ve made it into the bread basket of pop culture. So it is no surprise that Rovio’s hit game had a fantastic holiday season. How successful was it? Over the course of the holiday season, it was downloaded 30 million times. On Christmas day alone, 8 million.

That is quite a bit. If a song had that many sales on Christmas day, it’d be among the top selling singles of the year. The more interesting statistic, though, is when it’s combined with smartphone activations on Christmas.

As The Next Web reports, about 17.5 million Android and iOS devices were activated on Christmas day. If you do the math, that means nearly half of those activated devices downloaded Angry Birds. It is a stat that Rovio has proudly placed in this colorful infographic.

Were all the downloads of Angry Birds by newly activated devices?

Most likely not. The number is simply the number of times the app was downloaded. There is no information on whether it was by new devices. That shouldn’t take away from how impressive the statistic is. After all, over 30 million downloads were recorded the week of Christmas, so those new devices probably had a lot to do with post Christmas downloads. It may have also been inflated by the fact there are nearly half a dozen different Angry Birds games out right now.

For fans of Rovio and Angry Birds, the statistic is good to see. With a movie on the way about the world’s favorite temperamental, pig slaughtering birds, it’s encouraging to see Rovio isn’t slipping into obscurity any time soon.

So to those who got new Android or iOS devices this year during your holidays, was Angry Birds one of the first downloads you had?