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Angry Birds Star Wars, the greatest thing that will ever happen to Angry Birds, has a new game play trailer (video)

The last time mobile gamers had a chance to get their bird-flinging on, it was Angry Birds' first trip into space. Now Rovio has taken it a step further by introducing Angry Birds Star Wars. This epic game crossover features all your favorite Star Wars characters in Angry Bird form and you can now see a game play trailer showcasing the new bird abilities.
November 5, 2012
angry birds

It’s almost time to get your Angry Birds on, Star Wars style.

The last time we brought you news about Angry Birds Star Wars, it was a sneak peek at the game play featuring the Luke and Leia Angry Birds characters. The Leia themed bird can apparently shoot dual lasers and the Luke themed bird wields a light saber. Rovio has released another video that shows more of the game play with more characters.

For those who’d rather watch than read, skip to the bottom for the video. The one minute, 19 second video shows much more of the game than previous trailers. Now you can check out Han Solo bird, R2D2 bird, and Chewbacca bird in action as they take out hordes of Empire pigs. As Droid Gamer points out, there are also enemies that will try to shoot your bird out of the sky.

It also shows some more in depth stuff that you can do with the powers. For instance, as Luke bird, if you use the light saber swipe at the right moment, you can actually deflect lasers back at the piggies. The coolest part may be that there looks to be an opportunity to have the Millennium Falcon come in and handle things for you.

The release is only three days away, so this is likely everyone’s last teaser video before it’s released. To see more, check out the video below. Is anyone downloading Angry Birds Star Wars when it comes out?