Bad Piggies has just been released, I know. But here’s a more interesting take on the Angry Birds franchise. An Iranian company called PendAR has created a 3D version of Angry Birds that brings the game to life (sort of) through augmented reality (AR).

If you’re not familiar with the term, AR basically takes real-world objects and renders digital information o imagery over these objects. The Google Glasses project uses the same concept. In this particular use of AR, though, the developer captures the environment through the smartphone (or tablet) camera, and overlays a 3D version of Angry Birds onto the image, such as an office desk, living room floor, and the like.

AR can then interact with the environment, such as by superimposing certain elements on certain objects. In the demonstration, the app superimposes the Angry Birds game over an image on the table.

Augmented reality usually finds its applications in navigation software, although other practical applications are interesting. In gaming, though, AR mostly finds its way in casual games.

Of course, being a third-party developer, PendAR has not licensed Angry Birds, and the AR game is not likely to be released to the public — it’s only for demonstration purposes. But it’s a good demonstration of how games can eventually take advantage of AR, and perhaps even be at the forefront of building up AR as a practical technology for every day use.