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Angry Birds are on their way to Mars

August 6, 2012

We all love our evil wingless pig-tormenting birds, don’t we? Of course we do, or else the latest Angry Birds installment, “Space”, wouldn’t have made it to 100 million downloads in just two and a half months. And the series wouldn’t have reached the billion download mark either.

And because Rovio, the developing studio behind AB’s monstrous success, has made a habit of releasing frequent updates to the franchise, it should come as no surprise that we should get our Android gadgets ready for a new Angry Birds title.

Called Angry Birds Space: Red Planet, the new game will be released “in the fall”, but details about its “storyline” are slim at the moment. However, you shouldn’t expect critical updates to the already classic story, but rather a couple of visual improvements, maybe one or two new “characters” and a change of setting.

Although it hasn’t exactly been spelled out, the new Angry Birds title will certainly take place on Mars. As most of you might (or should) already know, NASA has successfully landed on the Red Planet earlier today, and reports are filtering in from all over about the event.

What we didn’t know, however, is that the country’s top astronauts will be accompanied in their mission by a flock of multi-colored birds which will look to make themselves comfortable with the future “battlefield”. But if that’s the case, what about the space pigs? Shouldn’t they have a place in the Curiosity rover too? And has this Mars-exploring mission actually been a marketing scheme to make us more interested in the new Angry Birds game?

Maybe it has and maybe it hasn’t, but one thing is for sure. Everybody’s go-to strategy puzzle video game will transport itself 352 million miles from Earth to bring another few hundred hours of pure fun to Android users all around the third planet from the Sun.

Neither Red Planet’s exact release date, nor its price has been revealed by Rovio, but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed to see the update land (no pun intended) as soon as September for free.

Has anyone had enough of the Angry Birds updates? Or is everybody as stoked as we are about seeing pigs demolished on Mars?