Well, this is a bombshell.

In a blog post released about an hour ago, Larry Page, CEO of Google, announced that Andy Rubin would no longer be heading up Android. Sundar Pichai will be taking his place. That’s big news, on a big day, in a big way.

There was no mention of what Andy will be doing, only that he “decided it’s time to hand over the reins and start a new chapter at Google.” From this we can gather he’s staying with Google, which is great news for everyone. Andy has done a fantastic job, and we’re sure whatever is next for him will be equally impressive.

Sundar Pichai is currently the head of Chrome, and will continue to do so in addition to his work with Android.

Let’s connect some dots, here… and speculate a bit. First, we have Andy Rubin. We don’t know where he will be going, or what he will be doing just yet… only that he will remain with Google. Could this be a sign that Google is going to make a much more concerted effort with Glass, giving it an interface and OS skin? Andy Rubin would be pretty good for that.

What about Sundar Pichai? He’s done a fantastic job with Chrome, and Apps… but why would a guy who seemingly has his hands full with all that also take on Android? Chrome… apps… Android. Now we’re starting to wonder if that speculation about Chrome being somehow merged or coerced into Android (or vice versa) has some merit. Those are two very different services within Google, so one guy heading up both seems, on the surface, pretty odd.

Whatever the case, Andy isn’t leaving. It seems more a restructuring than anything else, and probably has a lot to do with what’s next. Just what that is, we can’t say. We know Glass is coming, and we know Google is serious about Chrome and Android. Sundar will be great for Android, and continue to push Chrome further. Still, we wonder what Andy will be doing. He’s synonymous with Android for most, so we’re really happy he’s staying home.

Wait. Android… home. Android @ home? Hmm…