If your a Mac user, you have probably become accustomed to a nice set of tools that help you examine your battery. More specifically, not only can you see a little battery meter and the percent remaining, but your computer can also calculate how much time is left before it will shut down. As Android users, we have not been this lucky. Android provides us with just one of those 3 battery features, the little meter.

Although this does look like a nice touch, to find out the full potential of your game-assaulted Android battery, one must find a third party source such as: Battery Widget or Battery Indicator. These apps will do just fine if you enjoy an unreliable guess at how much battery your phone has left. Thankfully, Andy Rubin has (potentially) come to our rescue.

Just recently while I was pondering through Andy Rubin’s Wikipedia page, I stumbled upon a list of patents that his name is on. The last patent stated “Estimating remaining use time of a mobile device”.

Patent number: 7960945
Filing date: Jan 30, 2008
Issue date: Jun 14, 2011
Application number: 12/022,656

As you can see, the patent was filed for over 3 years ago. But it was only issued earlier this year. Therefore, it is a toss-up as to whether or not we will actually be seeing an improvement to the Android battery indicator or if this patent is only to win a battle in the everlasting patent war. With Ice Cream Sandwich shipping out in November, only time will tell.

If you’re interested, keep reading for the full patent claim.



Wouldn’t you like to know how much life is left on your Android based on how you are using it at the time?

Via Google Patents

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