Cheap Android tablets are probably the standard right now. This is pretty obvious with all of the low-end models being hawked by retailers. The problem is choosing the right one – or at least the most cost-effective one.

The people behind the Andy Pad have been on a PR trip recently to convince people that they’re the best choice. They’ve slowly been releasing info on their Andy Pad product – along with the more high-end Andy Pad Pro.

The 7-inch Andy Pad is a nice-looking piece of hardware, anyway you slice it. The Pro isn’t much different when it comes to physical appearance. They share the same size and white chassis. What they do not share is specs and price. The Andy Pad Pro’s got a price tag of £179 (about $290) while the basic Andy Pad is less fifty pounds sterling.

What the two share is Android 2.3, WiFi, a Cortex A8 CPU – which supposedly packs “a powerful 3D GPU” – and 1080P HDMI. You also get USB and SD ports for upgrades. So what’s the difference fifty pounds makes?

Well, first, the Andy Pad only has a 860×480 ResiTouch screen, while the Pro gets a 1024×600 SensaTouch screen. Higher resolution and a fancier name may convince some buyers but that’s not all. You get twice the storage from the Andy Pad Pro – that’s 16GB to the original 8 GB. You also get double the cameras with the Pro; front and rear facing cameras for video calls and taking pictures. There’s also the matter of added Bluetooth connectivity for the Pro version.

As can be seen, their release should be in a month or two, so better decide if these two are worth your money.

Source: Cool Smart Phone

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