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Andru, one of the best chargers out there is about to get its dark side on

Andru is already known as one of the most unique chargers out there. Even though it's just a charger, you get a little Andy the Android robot that lights up and its arms move. Really, the best if you want something aside from the boring, regular chargers. Very soon, the dark side version of Andru will be released.
October 8, 2012
Phone chargers aren’t really the type of accessory that excites people. Usually it’s some black or gray cord that plugs into the wall, the computer, or your car and provides your phone or tablet with power. No one really thinks about chargers too much. GEN, a new company that makes chargers, does think about it and that’s when Andru was born.

According to their official website, they created Andru chargers to bring a little fun to charging. Sure our current chargers are functional for what we need them to do. That doesn’t mean we have to be stuck with a boring, generic charger forever.

The Andru charger is pretty awesome. It’s a little Android robot that doubles as a charger that you can plug into a wall. The eyes light up blue for charging and white for standby. Also, the arms move and the antennas are rubber. It doesn’t serve any other function aside from charging, but it’s definitely a cool accessory to have laying around. Soon it will also come in black.

Andru is coming to the dark side?

Yes, Darth Vader will be able to charge his Android phone in a way in which he is accustomed. Using the dark side. While the green Andru charger is available right now for a not-so-bad $25, the black version will be making an appearance in just a few days. Presumably, it will also go for the same $25 price tag.

It’ll be black, with eyes that light up red while charging and amber when in standby. Like it’s green sibling, the arms will move and it will be every bit as awesome. The reigning difference is you now have a perfect item to base your Star Wars jokes on whenever you want to. Who doesn’t love that? The expected release date is October 11.

Even though it doesn’t really function as anything other than a charger, this little accessory is something the charger industry needed. There are a metric ton of different cases and screen protectors to help people customize the outside of their devices. So why not get it a cool custom charger? When Andru’s dark side charger is released, who’s getting one?