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App making is easier than ever before with Andromo

March 17, 2012

Indigo Rose Software announced today the launch of Andromo — a free online Android app-making service that requires no programming prowess on your side. Thanks to the visual approach of this online app maker, anyone can use Andromo to make a professional Android app and put it in front of an audience of millions. Or, at least, that’s the declared goal of the startup.


With Google pulling support for its Android Inventor service last year (although, it came back from the dead at MIT), app development had become an arcane art only accessible to the initiated. This is where Andromo aims to step in — the tool gives everyone the opportunity to flex their app-creation skills. Indigo Rose claims that over 53,000 apps have been built already, by over 39,000 beta-testers, and that’s before the tool’s official launch. But, if it lives up to its lofty promises, Andromo has the potential to become not only popular, but a true game-changer as well.

Andromo users can customize their apps and choose to add features from a list of popular activities including Facebook feeds, interactive maps, Flickr photo galleries, RSS feeds, and many more. If your app or product requires customer interaction, there is an ‘Email Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ feature as well. Not to leave anyone behind, musicians and bands can add music players, sound boards, and Youtube videos to reach their fans.

Unlike cross-platform app creators, Andromo is tailored specifically to produce Android-based applications, allowing users to take advantage of the many functions and features that are unique to Android devices.

But it’s not all fun and games — app-making with Andromo can be a profitable venture as well. Andromo users can obtain revenue either through advertising or through app sales. 50% of the revenue generated from ads goes to Andromo. If users want to sell their apps, ads can be removed for a price of $99. Would be developers can list their apps for sale on the Google Play Store, where they have the potential to reach an audience of millions.

Andromo has published over 1,500 apps on the Play Store and is continually adding features to improve its service. You can start creating Android apps right away, by signing up for free at

Watch a walkthrough video of the Andromo service here