image_68According to an AdMob Mobile Metrics Report, dated February 2009, Android already accounts for 5.2% of the US smartphone web surfing traffic. This isn’t quite up to Apple’s 50%, but Steve Job’s boys do have a watertight head-start .

The iPhone has taken share from Blackberry and Windows Mobile but unfortunately it is not clear from the report where the G1’s slice is coming from. My best guestimate is, as the smart phone market grows, the G1 is picking up a lot of new customers and, in Europe and the UK, a lot of former Nokia N95 users. Looking worldwide, Android’s G1 isn’t really doing so great, but it is very early days. Nokia’s Symbian OS reigns supreme, but that was to be expected.

We look forward to seeing this report again this time next year. Any guesses as to the figures this time around? The document is available over hereafter the jump.

(Editor’s note: In spite of what you might read elsewhere, this report is not talking about market share, but merely mobile web traffic share.  These two things are not the same. )
Admob Mobile Metrics February 2009 – Get more Information Technology

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.