Android is on the warpath and it looks they’re getting a bit unstoppable. Last Monday revealed that Google managed to corner 47.1 percent of the UK smartphone market in August. This is more than double of 22.9 percent this time last year. This joins the US stats released last month that placed Android at 52 percent in the second quarter of 2011. This definitely shows that Google’s operating system has got the chops to hold its own.

Android’s rapid growth can be contrasted with the weak performance of the iOS, which is down 20.8 percent from 28 percent in 2010. This can be blamed on the fact that no iPhone has been released recently. Apple’s annual cycle of booming when an iPhone is released gives it no staying power compared to Android.

Another factor to this growth is the breadth and quality of Android software and hardware that has been released this year. The Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation can be favorably compared to the iPhone and both have stunning implementations of the OS and hardware which give Apple’s offering a run for its money.

The other factor is that Android can be found in more than just one product. A fantastic array of Android phones are available for cheap via packages from carriers and they have the latest software and can handle some of the things that the more expensive smartphones can do, like the lower-end Galaxy handsets and HTC’s Wildfire S.

Android dominance may take a hit though when the iPhone 5 is released. Another threat is the iPhone 4S, the budget version of the current iPhone, which can steal quite a bit of market share because of its knockdown prices.

However, Android’s open and cheap nature lets it find niches in the mobile market that other operating systems can’t get to. This means Android can be a pretty hard OS to beat when it comes to dominating the market.


Aerol Bibat

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