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Androidly: the all-in-one smartwatch?

Androidly is the latest Android smartwatch to pop up following the success of similar devices. But can it take down the likes of Pebble and Sony?
February 18, 2013
androidly watch

Androidly is the latest Android smartwatch to pop up following the success of similar devices. This new watch aims to improve on existing models, like Pebble or Sony’s Smartwatch, by including dedicated hardware to make calls, take pictures and run android apps directly from your wrist.

Devices like Pebble link to your smartphone via Bluetooth and transfer information from phone to wrist, whereas Androidly does everything itself, making it one of the world’s smallest fully featured Android devices. As the designers put it, you “needn’t pick any other device up”.

Sadly, hardware specifications are worryingly hard to come by on the official website. From what I can find out, Androidly contains a 416 MHz Processor, 256MB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and runs an “optimized” but unspecified version of Android. The watch also features a 2 inch display, an unspecified camera, WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth to connect to other wireless devices.

It will be able to run apps straight from the Google Play Store, and can read SIM cards directly so that you don’t have reach into your pocket to make a call. It all sounds very promising, but I have a few qualms.

Smartphone or Smartwatch

It strikes me as a bit of an odd product, the developers are attempting to cram in functionality which isn’t particularly sought-after on a wristwatch. Are users really going to find it practical, or desirable to take pictures by angling their wrist at stuff? Holding your phone to your ear or using a headset when making calls is pretty easy, but do you really want to use loudspeaker mode or a Bluetooth headset all the time? I wonder.

Androidly will be priced around $299-$349 when it goes on sale, so it’s not really competitively priced compared with Pebble which only costs $150.

I like the idea of smartwatches, they serve as a perfectly good extension of your smartphone, but I’m not convinced they fit the role of an all in one device. What do you think of Androidly? Or perhaps more importantly, do you ever think that smartwatches will replace smartphones?