On Friday morning, Google announced that the newest version of its app Androidify had gone live. The new update is mainly based around the holiday season. More specifically, the new update allows for you to dress your Android person with candy canes, mittens, skis, antlers, sweaters, 2012 party glasses, and more!

If you are not already familiar with Androidify, it is an application that was created by Google Creative Lab and Larva Labs; to allow Android users to create their own personal Android person. More specifically, Androidify allows you to take the original Android figure and turn it into yourself, your family, your friends, and much more. After that, Google has thrown in the ability to add hair, glasses, clothes, pants, shoes, and all of the previously mentioned accessories that come with the Winter update.

With over 5 million downloads and counting, Google has surely outdone themselves once again with this free application. Although it is next to pointless, you can’t help but playing around with it and possibly changing some of your friends contact images to Androidified versions of them.

To install the app, or update it to the newest version on your Android device, follow this link to the Android Market.


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