Just hours (minutes? Google stop tormenting us!) before the expected launch of Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Android Lollipop, Google updated its fun little Androidify app with a new UI, new dance moves, and… yes, a hint at upcoming devices.

In case you haven’t heard of it before (it’s not like Google is promoting Androidify too much) the app lets you build an Androidified version of yourself, by picking from various body shapes, hairdos, clothes, accessories and more. It was a pretty cool app before, but Google just gave it some extra love, as the latest update brings a bunch of new features.

According to the changelog on Google Play, changes in Androidify 2.0 include:

  • Pick a move and watch your Android character laugh, dance, cheer, rock out, or all sorts of other moves.
  • Share your characters as emoticons & GIFs.
  • Share your characters on Androidify.com and they could get picked to be in an Android TV commercial or YouTube video.
  • Lots of new clothes & accessories to choose from.
  • A new and improved UI.
  • Translated into English, Japanese, Korean, French and German.

I’ve played with the app briefly, and indeed the UI is greatly improved. You can make your character dance or gesticulate, and you can share the animation on your favorite social network (here’s my impression of a bald Matias Duarte rocking a Nexus 6) or on Androidify.com (the site itself is in need of some of love, sporting distinctly 2011 design traits).

android collage

Collage by Vikram Bajaj

Flipping through the list of accessories that you can use to design your Androidified character, you can see a Moto X (or maybe a Nexus 6), two Android tablets, a Moto 360 and a G Watch, and a… lollipop. With that said, there’s a ton of other objects to pick from, so that lollipop may just be a coincidence.

Google is tying in the new app with the ads that leaked yesterday – basically, you can submit your character for a chance to be included in an upcoming Android ad, probably something in the Dance Party ad style.

Thanks, Vikram!

Go make your own Androidified character by downloading Androidify from the Play Store.

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