Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman believes that webOS can play an important role in the future as an open-source mobile operating system. Once Google successfully purchases Motorola Mobility, Whitman believes Android could become closed-source. Even though the complete impact of webOS will take up to 4 years, Whitman promised that HP will remain patient.

The CEO gave a speech at the HP Global Partner Conference held in Las Vegas last Wednesday and gave some very decent points.

 “Apple is great, it’s on fire, but iOS is a closed system. Google could end up that way with the purchase of Motorola; Android could end up being a closed system.”

“We love partnering with Microsoft and Intel, but I think there’s an opportunity for another option within the development community.”

Originally, WebOS was built by Palm for both phones and tablets. In 2010, HP made an investment by purchasing Palm. However, it was only late last year that the company announced it will no longer make devices supporting the software. This led to a lot of speculation and intrigue about what will happen to the OS. But now, HP said it will be releasing webOS to the open-source community.

Christine Torralba
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