In a recent interview at Le Web Paris 2011, Eric Schmidt was asked why applications often release on iOS and then make their way into the Android Market. His answer? Complete smack talk. “My prediction is that six months from now, you’ll say the opposite,” Schimdt was quoted as saying. And, like any good debater, Schmidt did not just speak his mind and not give any background reasons. He believes that Android will take over because it is open. Therefore, more developers will be attracted to the platform for creating their applications. With tons of developers flocking to Android, and Ice Cream Sandwich already out, Eric Schmidt believes that 2012 will be Android’s year.

And, who is to say that 2012 won’t be the year Android takes over? After all, the Android Market has become bigger in terms of number of apps and with that growth, there are over 30% more free apps in the Android Market compared to the App Store. In addition, now that Android owns over 46% of the smartphone market developers are beginning to flock to the Android SDK. Therefore, apps like Netflix are beginning to come to Android before iOS.

In your opinion, which store is better? Android, with more free apps, or iOS with more paid, but more overall quality, apps and games. Let us know in the comments below.

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