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Android Wear can be used for home automation, too (video)

A new video from Armando Ferreira gives us a look at how the Android Wear platform can be used to control the appliances and devices around your house.
July 14, 2014

In the past we’ve seen more than one video that demonstrates how Android and Tasker can be paired together to provide a powerful, voice-controlled Home Automation experience. This includes using your phone for turning on lights, changing the thermostat, turning on a television set, opening up doors and so much more. But what if you could take that same powerful experience and bring it to your wrist? That’s exactly what Armando Ferreira shows off in his latest video.

Sporting an LG G Watch, Ferreira takes us through his house showing us how he can easily control appliances using the “Ok, Google” hotword on his smartwatch. This includes things like controlling an office lamp, popcorn machine, a television set and more. There’s also the ability to control the devices without voice from within Android Wear’s UI using a swipe gesture to pick the device/appliance you wish to control and tapping the display to turn the selected item off and on.

If the video seems at all familiar, in June of 2013 the same modder/tinkerer showed off nearly all of the things seen in the video above, but instead used his smartphone for the job. One thing that does appear to be different is the inclusion of “trip door” sensors, which work by sending a notification to the Android Wear watch when certain doors in the house are opened.

Ferreira also mentions that the Pebble was previously programmed to provide a similar Home Automation control experience, though Android Wear requires much less work to get up and running and handles things much more smoothly. Bottom-line, Android Wear has plenty of potential and the only major limitation of the platform is our own imagination, motivation and skills.