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Although it is at least five more days before most of us get to strap a new Android Wear powered device to our wrists, Google is making sure we will be ready to roll when the time comes. The official Android Wear companion app for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. Google has also launched an Android Wear apps section to the Play Store, so you can pre-plan all the apps you’d like to install.

The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will be the first devices out of the gate, both are set to ship to consumers starting next week. This means that your Android Wear app is just for show for the next few days. When you do get your new smartwatch up and running, the Android Wear app will let you take some control of your wearable.

The Android Wear app lets you use your phone to push various settings to your watch, tackling things like controlling your default apps for specific actions and more.

Android Wear apps page Google Play Store

As for that Android Wear apps page, it is a section within the Google Play Store and has about 25 apps so far. With players like IFTTT, Duolingo, Evernote and Glympse already pushing out updates to their Android apps with Android Wear support, we suspect the list will grow before next Monday.

These are exciting times for Android Wear. Google has been teasing and preparing us for months, having only just officially launched the OS and developer tools last week at Google I/O. We’ve been talking about what Android Wear needs to do to succeed, drooling over the devices, including the G Watch, Motorola’s Moto 360, and even some newcomers with a unique approach¬†to the smartwatch.

There you have it, download your copy of the Android Wear companion app sometime before your watch arrives next week, and run through the list of supported apps in the Google Play Store.

Are you getting excited for your Android Wear device, or have you opted out of this whole smartwatch frenzy?

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