android-vs-apple Excuro

According to mobile marketing automation firm Swrve, Android users spend 17 percent more time in any given app due to a greater number of app sessions in the month. The company released their first App Monetization and Engagement Report, which examines the relative rates of retention across platforms using data collected during the month of April.

The report notes that:

  • Android users typically enjoy 18 percent more sessions a month compared to iOS users.
  • On average iOS users spend 45 percent more on in-app purchases than those on Android.
  • Users who pay at all spend 10 percent more on iOS.
  • iOS users are also 32 percent more likely to make any purchase at all.
  • iOS delivered 45 percent more revenue per user than Android users and 10 percent more revenue per paying user than Android users.

So, what can we conclude with this report? That both Android and iOS are relatively strong platforms.

This report shows that in terms of revenue, iOS continues to stay atop all others. Android apps generated 98% more earning through the freemium model. Android users have 18% more sessions per month, and therefore, spending 17% more time on their apps. Android users also hold on to their apps 2% longer than the iOS users for 24 hours.