Here’s a new study we found, and it’s even better than the 87% of Android users using their phones on the toilet: Android users are most likely to have sex on their first date.

Apparently, Zoomerang (a polling firm) created a survey for (a highly successful dating site). On the study, they discovered that 62% of Canadian Android singles have had sex on their first date. They compared this number with the 57% of iPhone and 48% BlackBerry users; studying the number of people who would most likely have sex on a first date. Additionally, 72% of BlackBerry users said they would most likely drink alcohol on a first date.

On the topic of engaging themselves in one-night stands, 55% of respondents were Android users, while only 50% belonged to iPhone users and 47.6% to BlackBerry users.

To add, Android users were the ones who frequented dating websites (72%), followed by iPhone users (58%) and BlackBerry users (50%).

However, on the topic of dating a co-worker, iPhone users were most likely to do so—having almost a quarter of the whole single respondents. They claimed that they have been involved in a workplace romance in the past 5 years.

All in all, the survey discovered that 75% of all single respondents have indicated that texting and emailing have made a significant improvement in their dating life.

“Thanks to social networking and online dating, our love lives and our digital lives have never been more intertwined,” said the dating website.

Given these numbers, it is still best to follow proper etiquette—especially when on a date with someone.


The study conducted involved 1,068 single Canadians from Oct. 13 to 15. No margin of error was provided.


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