It has been exactly a year since Instagram launched its application for Android. It was a complete success the moment it hit the Google Play Store. As a result, the application has grown to boast incredible statistics for its first year.

Instagram praised its Android users for capturing some of the most impressive shots over the year. This ranges from cultural and political events all the way to spectacular forces in nature. While Android users aren’t the only users capturing content like this, it is clear that they are having the largest impact on the Instagram community.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect had nothing to do with a year ahead but is centered around its launch day. When the application launched, over a million users downloaded it to their devices in the first 24 hours.

Over the course of the year, Instagram has estimated that nearly half of all Instagrammers use the Android application. This just gives us an even better idea of how popular Android is in relation to the competition.


Brendan Lynch
Brendan has been a technology writer for several publications and has published articles on several platforms. His true love is Android however. When he's not writing, he's busy working towards his Music Performance degree and using Android every step of the way!