number of android and ios users in USA June 2013According to the latest data derived from comScore’s MobiLens service, nearly 142 million people in the U.S. now own smartphones with Android running on 52 percent of them. However when compared to previous months there has been little or no growth in Android’s market share, suggesting that Android usage in the USA could be reaching saturation point.

As with all statistics there are margins of error and different ways to present the same numbers. When looking just a percentages it seems that Android is teetering on edge before a possible decline. During 2013 Android tipped over the 52 percent market share line and has been hovering there every since. At its peak in May Android’s market share was 52.4 percent, but the end of June that has dipped slightly to a flat 52 percent. 0.4 percent is well within a margin of error, however it does show that Android’s market share isn’t growing.

In real numbers this means that 72.02 million people in the U.S. owned Android smartphones in April. In May this had increased to 73.8 million as the total number of smartphone owners increased by some 2.5 million people. By the end of June Android usage remain the same with 73.8 million smartphones using Google’s mobile OS. The actual number of users remained static since the number of smartphone owners increased by 1 million people but Android lost some ground, mainly to Apple.

top smartphone oems june 2013 comScore

Looking at the manufacturers, Apple remains the strongest OEM with a 39.9 percent share of the market in June 2013, a 1 percent increase when compared to February. In real terms this means that there are around 56.65 million iPhone users in the USA. Next is Samsung with a 23.7 percent share of the market (33.64 million handsets) followed by HTC (8.5%), Motorola (7.2%) and LG (6.6%).

Although Apple’s market share has increased during the year, so has Samsung’s. In January it had a 21.4 percent share meaning the company gained 2.3 percentage points during the first six months of the year. That growth equates to an extra 6 million handsets. Unfortunately HTC and Motorola have lost market share during the same period.

Since these numbers are solely for the U.S. market it underlines the need for Android handset makers to concentrate on emerging markets, particularly Apple. If the rumors are true Apple is intending to address the high costs of its devices with the release of a cheaper iPhone. Companies like Samsung and HTC already offer a wide range of handsets with a variety of price points which is way Android market share is often much higher in other countries.

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