Market research firm Canalys has completed its global study of smartphone market estimates for the second quarter and found that the smartphone market’s year-on-year growth reached 73% in all regions worlwide. In 35 out of the 56 countries that Canalys studied, Android was the top platform. Canalys’ research also found Android to have held 48% of the global market share in the second quarter.

Canalys’ study also revealed that Android played “the strongest growth driver” in the second quarter, with 379% growth in total Android smartphone shipments worldwide. The strong performance of Android in the said quarter seems to be buoyed by the individual performance of device manufacturers (e.g., Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Huawei, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola) that adopted the platform for their devices.

The research firm also noted that Android showed “particularly strong performance” in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in South Korea where Android has 85% platform share and in Taiwan where Android has 71% platform share.

Apple’s iOS also climbed over Nokia’s Symbian during the second quarter, bringing Apple up to second place, with iPhone shipments reaching 20.3 million and a market share of 19%. However, Canalys notes that Nokia has been “most resilient in key emerging markets” and continues to be the leader in Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

While noting an “underwhelming” overall performance from Samsung despite the latter’s having moved ahead of Nokia in the second quarter, Canalys said that Samsung could have performed better, especially in emerging markets. Samsung is the largest vendor of Android devices, according to Canalys.

Although majority of HTC’s devices run on the Android platform and will expectedly continue to do so, Canalys expects HTC to also continue being a leading provider of Windows Phone devices. HTC’s most notable performance this quarter was in North America, where it rose to 21% market share. In the same North American market, Research in Motion (RIM) slid down to 12% in market share from last year’s 33%. However, Canalys pointed out that RIM’s total shipments worldwide grew by 11% from the same quarter last year and that RIM is the lead vendor in Latin America where it has 28% share.

As to how Android and its allied manufacturers fare in this next quarter, we shall soon find out as soon as Canalys releases its report by the end of third quarter. For the meantime, what are your personal forecasts for Android in this quarter? Do you think there’ll be changes in leadership in global market share?