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This week, the new Nexus got the “forgotten in a bar” treatment, the One Max revealed a little more of its secrets, we peered into the future of Android KitKat and beyond, Cyanogen dropped the bomb on us, Nvidia showed us its Note, and we remembered that HP does Android.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few phrases. It’s must read Android.

HTC has a leak problem

htc one max leak weibo (3)

The One Max hasn’t exactly been the best kept secret until now, but this week the upcoming 5.9-inch device starred in no fewer than three highly revealing leaks.

“Nexus 5” found in a bar. Wait, what?

New-LG-Nexus-render-2 Vovicon/reddit

Pro tip: don’t take your secret unannounced device to a bar. Ever. This week, we had that, and other new Nexus-related news and rumors.

KitKat and beyond

Android 4.4 KitKat

The upcoming chocolate-themed Android version may be 64-bit. What about Android 5? A  fan-made concept video whets our appetites.

Take Note, says Nvidia

nvidia tegra note press

Nvidia announced a $199 Android tablet called Tegra Note. But Nvidia won’t manufacture it and won’t sell it. We explain everything in the post.

Cyanogen Incorporated

cyanogen team

Steve Kondik and his motley crew are turning their hobby into a business. The future is wide open for CyanogenMod, especially with Oppo on board.

HP’s got tablets


HP was late in the Android game, but now they are putting their full weight behind it. The latest result are four new Android tablets.

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