Korea may become the next battleground in the war between Android and the iPhone for smartphone dominance. On the one side, we have KT Telecommunications which is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in Korea and on the other, we have rival SK Telecom which is gearing up to release ten Android handsets in 2010. SK Telecom is larger of the two wireless carriers, controlling over 50% of the market share but KT has the jump on SK Telecom in the smartphone market, having launched the iPhone in November 2009. SK Telecom hopes to ramp up its smartphone user base starting in January 2010 when it is expected to launch its first Android handset, an offering reportedly manufactured by Motorola. Hot on the heels of Motorola is Samsung which is expected to debut its Android handset in February 2010. Bringing up the rear is LG which is expected to launch Android in its home country sometime in the future but no tentative date has been set as of the writing of this article. SK Telecom is lighting a fire under the manufacturers in an attempt to get Android into the hands of mobile customers as soon as possible and it is wise to do so as Apple’s iPhone is selling at a fast clip with more than 160,000 iPhones being sold in its first month of availability. With the iPhone on the rise and Android coming soon, it will be interesting to watch this battle play out in the ensuing months. No need to say which side we are on – Go, Green Robot!

[via The Korea Times]