Ever since the release of the first tablet, people have been amazed at the new technology. Although it is not a whole new breed of technology, it sure seems like it is. More specifically, over 6 million of them have been sold already. And, that’s just Android tablets.

Therefore, those 6 million tablet owners are probably wondering when and/or whether they can update to the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. We have a nice full list of our opinions.

Motorola XOOM


The Motorola XOOM has become one of the most well-known Android tablets and surely deserves that rank. Why? The XOOM was most-certainly used to create Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Therefore, the XOOM will definitely be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich.

Not enough background info for you? Think about it this way: Motorola and Google are obviously closer than, let’s say Acer and Google, because rumors had been going around that Google was buying up Motorola. In addition, Motorola has stated on their support forums that the update is coming shortly. Expect the update to come on the Wi-Fi versions first and, after testing on Verizon, the 3G model, as well.

Galaxy Tab series (10.1, 8.9, and 7.0 Plus)

Galaxy Tab 10.1

After the XOOM, the Samsung Galaxy Tab series is extremely famous. In addition, they sell like hot cakes. Therefore, along with the fact that Google released Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung, there is no reason the Galaxy Tabs won’t be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich.

Nook Color and Amazon Kindle Fire

Nook Color

Due to the fact that both of these devices are marketed as e-readers and that they are far from standard Android (i.e., they have Nook and Amazon modifications written all over the operating system), I don’t think that Nook and Fire users will be getting an ICS update.

However, we are almost certain that someone, somewhere, will come up with a way to get Ice Cream Sandwich onto these two devices.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer


With the new version of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer just around the corner, ASUS has already confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich is coming along with the new device on November 9.

Toshiba THRiVE


Toshiba released the THRiVE with Honeycomb built-in. Therefore, Ice Cream Sandwich is not that big of a deal for THRiVE users. However, Toshiba should be rolling out the update because this is its only tablet and therefore the company can focus on it more than manufacturers with tons of devices can focus on their multiple devices.

Acer Iconia Tab (A500 and A100)

Acer Iconia

Acer has kept Iconia users very happy in the past by providing Honeycomb. Therefore, it has no reason to disappoint and should be releasing Ice Cream Sandwich around the same time as the rest of the tablet market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab (original 7-inch model)

G Tab

With Samsung preparing another 7-inch tablet, the original Galaxy Tab might get neglected.  But, owing to a large user base for the original Galaxy Tab, and the strong alliance between Google and Samsung, it won’t be surprising if the original Galaxy Tab gets ICS.

LG G-Slate


Wait…LG makes tablets?  An Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Lg G-Slate is almost as likely as an ICS update for the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, if anyone out there even has a G-Slate, you will most likely be able to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update through a custom ROM.

HTC Jetstream


Would you pay $850 for a tablet? What if it came with a pen? I didn’t think so. In addition to its extremely high price tag, HTC still has to figure out how it will cover Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense. Therefore, the update should be coming considering how much customers paid for it. However, figuring out Sense may delay the process.

HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer

The HTC Flyer is a nice, basic tablet. However, it has not even gotten the update to Honeycomb and doesn’t Froyo look so nice on the “oversized-phone” design?  Once again, someone, somewhere, somehow, will figure out how to get Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC Flyer–or at least, Honeycomb.

BlackBerry Playbook



Answer this one yourself.

Apple iPad 2

Apple definitely needs to differentiate a phone OS from a tablet OS. And although Ice Cream Sandwich and the iPad 2 would be a “perfect combination,” pigs will have to learn to fly before that happens.

Your Tablet Not on the List?

With over 6 million Android tablets, no one in the world has time to take guesses at which will get Ice Cream Sandwich. However, if your tablet has Honeycomb or is coming out anytime after Ice Cream Sandwich is released, it is safe to say youcould be getting ICS.

In addition, if your tablet manufacturer tries to hide the fact that your device has Android on it (like GridOS or the Amazon Kindle Fire), only they know whether Ice Cream Sandwich is coming or not.

Finally, if your tablet is on Froyo right now, the only update you should be worried about getting is Honeycomb. And, now that Ice Cream Sandwich is out, I am certain that that is not the manufacturers’ first priority.

Source: Android Central

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