When we last heard from Panasonic, they had plans for as Toughbook Android Tablet. You would think that the Japanese electronics giant would be satisfied with that – but it seems the forward-thinking lads at Panasonic know where the wind is blowing and are planning for an added arrow to their bow. Recently, they’ve been showing off a demo unit for an Android tablet for general use – with an added bonus that it will be an eBook Reader that has access to a digital bookstore with over 10,000 titles. That’s a pretty impressive entry into the tablet market right there.

All everyone knows right now are the basics; all final details have yet to be determined by Panasonic. The only details that can be gleaned are from the demo unit.

First of all, the demo unit is light, weighing only 0.9 pounds. It boasts a 7-inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display and seems to be running on Android 2.2, although this is under Panasonic’s own customized user interface. It also features WiFi connectivity and a microSDHC card slot. The CPU is supposedly a dual-core one, although no names have been attached to it. Android apps running on the demo unit were a video player, a web browser, and an email app, which we were assured to come with the tablet when it becomes available.

It looks to be nice-looking device, with similarities to Sharp’s Galapagos tablet. However, Panasonic seems to be positioning it as more an eReader rather than a full-fledged tablet. Still, they may still decide to give it more functionality. It’s all now a matter of wait-and-see on how this all turns out.

Source: Liliputing

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