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Do you have an Android tablet? According to a survey by Pew research, 25% of adults have a tablet of some sort, and the iPad is clearly leading the way. We’re not worried about them, though… we want to know about Android!

So, take a guess… which Android tablet do you think is the most popular? That sweet Nexus 7? Probably a Kindle Fire, right? I mean, it’s technically Android… so it counts. Is it a 10-inch tablet… or a 7-incher? Here are the results from Animoca, showing the following: Device, Market Share, Screen size.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 (includes p3100+p3113), 11.8%, 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, 8.3%, 10.1
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire, 7.5%, 7
  4.  Amazon Kindle Fire HD, 4.9%, 7
  5.  Samsung Galaxy Tab, 4.8%, 7
  6.  Asus Google Nexus 7, 3.8%, 7
  7.  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 3%, 10.1
  8.  Asus Transformer TF101, 0.9%, 10.1
  9.  Asus TF300, 0.9%, 10.1
  10.  Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, 0.8%, 7.7
  11.  Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, 0.7%, 8.9

Aside from the last two, which have different size screens, the 7 & 10-inch varieties are equally represented. Samsung also controls 60% of the list, which is not surprising as they produce new devices nearly constantly, saturating the market.

This is not a terribly precise poll, though. Animoca tracked who logged onto the Play Store to play one of their games, which is useful… but may not be finite. The number were tracked for a month, between mid-February to mid-March, and garnered nearly 1,000,000 users. A good sampling, and gives us a really good idea of what’s going on with Android Tablet usage. That’s just it, though… this represents usage… which might be a more accurate representation of popularity than sales.

We’re wondering… which Android tablet do you have?


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