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The DRONE controller wants to be your Android's partner in crime

April 8, 2012

With our devices featuring advanced graphics and lightning-quick processing power these days, it is no wonder why we see so many games being developed for today’s latest Android smartphones and Android tablets. Yeah, awesome graphics are pretty darn sweet, but the main issue at work is that devices lack the ability of a decent controller.

Since these “high-tech” toys come standard with Bluetooth, why not develop a controller compatible of playing nice? Touchscreen gaming is lackluser at best, and so, ladies and gentlemen, we we proudly present the DRONE. Yes, because its name is capitalized, it’s obviously absolutely incredible.

The simplicity of the controller is great, reminding me of a cross between a Nexus device and a Sega controller. As it works with Bluetooth devices, it does require the installation of an app to get started. Though, it’s not all candy and roses, dear reader. The image you look at before you represent a controller only that is, somewhat unfortunately, not even the mid-stages of development.

The folks over at Kickstarter are looking for a “kick start” in investment dollars to get the project off of the ground. Developers are also making it open source, allowing easy access for those with a bit of coding savvy.

Why not help out the developers by giving them feedback? This product seems like it could be a hit to the creative, and gamer-friendly audience.

What do you think of the DRONE? Do you see possibility of this device hitting production? Would you buy one? What is the perfect price? I would love to hear your comments.