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Google I/O is primarily a developer conference, though it’s easy to forget it, given that consumer focused announcements are often made in the keynotes.

Today, Google’s Hugo Barra presented some of the work that Google has been doing to make the life of Android developers easier.

One big announcement is Android Studio, a Google-made integrated development environment (IDE) based on the popular IDE IntelliJ. While Bara didn’t reveal many details about this new tool, developers in the audience seemed pretty impressed. Some of the highlights of the Studio presentation include real-time previews of changes and adaptable layouts (an app can be simultaneously tested on different resolutions and form factors – smartphones and tablets). More features are said to be coming to Android Studio in the future.

Google also revealed some substantial updates to the app developer console. The changes include:

  • A new section for app optimization, including tips on how to adapt an app for tablets
  • App translation services – a way for developers to simply get translations for their apps
  • Referral tracking – monitor ads, integrates Google Analytics
  • Revenue graphs – visualization tools
  • Beta testing and staged rollouts

We’ll keep you posted with more details. Stay tuned.