Results of Nielsen’s recent survey regarding smartphones saw Android gaining 3 more percentage points in smartphone OS market share since the last Nielsen survey.

According to Nielsen’s data for June, Android runs on 39% of smartphones in the United States–the currently dominant smartphone operating system, apparently. Apple’s iOS follows at second place with 28% share, and Research in Motion’s Blackberry still at third place with 20% (down by 3% from last survey).

Among Android device manufacturers, HTC takes the largest share with 14%, followed by Motorola (11%), and Samsung (8%). Among all device manufacturers, Apple is lording over all others (with 28% share)–and that’s expected, since no one else produces handsets for iOS except Apple.

Nielsen’s data for June came from its survey involving 20,202 smartphone owners in the United States.

Do these survey results still come as a surprise to you?