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Android statue maker is readying Google’s lawn for “future photo ops”, asking for volunteers

If you aren’t convinced that Android L is almost here, with a likely unveil this week, the fact that Google’s statue maker is currently preparing the lawn for “future photo ops” might be enough to win you over.
October 13, 2014

It’s pretty obvious that the arrival of Android L and the next generation Nexus family is almost upon us, with all indicators pointing to a big unveil this week — likely on the 15th. If you still aren’t convinced that the time is almost here maybe you’ll be swayed by the fact Giovanni Calabrese, the man behind the Google statue’s, is working hard right now to touch up existing statues and move them into their new placements in anticipation of “future photo ops”.

Obviously just because Google is almost ready to unveil Android L’s statue doesn’t mean that the announcement will happen this week, but we certainly hope so. As for what it will be named? While Giovanni’s Google+ account is full of references to licorice throughout, it’s very likely this is nothing more than trolling on his part. That is, unless Google for some reason gave Giovanni permission to unofficially reveal the next Android release name in order to tease his next work and drum up more hype. Anything is possible, but we wouldn’t start calling it Android 5.0 Licorice just yet.

Other possibilities we’ve heard floating around the web include Lion (a not particularly well known candy bar for those in the US), Lemon Meringue Pie, Lollipop and Laffy Taffy. There’s also the theory that Android L will simply be called Android L, though that wouldn’t make for a very exciting statue we wouldn’t think.

For those that want to be there up front and in the action, Giovanni is asking local folks to PM him if they are willing to volunteer their time this week to work on sprucing up existing statues with a coat of paint and other tweaks. He even teases that those helping out will be among the first to potentially see “a secret surprise project”, which (unless he is really super-trolling) will likely be a look at the next statue. Excited for Android L and the next-gen Nexus family yet? We know we are. What are you hoping Google names the next version of Android?

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