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Android Speed Booster: One-tap memory, performance, privacy, and app optimizations

April 4, 2012

Are you looking for an app to optimize the performance of your device? You can find a lot of applications dedicated to this very purpose. There are even comprehensive apps that include several other features aside from the system optimization feature itself.

But, if you are looking for an application that is solely made for the purpose of optimizing the performance of your device, then take a look at Android Speed Booster, which can can give you fast, one-tap system optimization of your device’s memory, performance, privacy, and apps.

Android Speed Booster promises to give you near-instantaneous and effective system optimization. What Android Speed Booster really does to your device is that it gets rid of all the unnecessary applications or tasks that are running on your device, therefore giving you more memory to work with.

When you use Android Speed Booster, you have the option to end several tasks, clear the caches of apps that are rarely used, and clear the browsing history, call logs, text messages, etc.  Unlike other system optimization apps, you get to have more options that are customizable, depending on the needs of your device.

Using Android Speed Booster

Upon launch of the application, it automatically scans your device and informs you of the aspects which have some problems or the things that need to be cleaned up. After that, you are then introduced to the homescreen of the app where you can find buttons representing the four main features of the app as well as the big Instant Boost button on top that you can tap to perform quick, one-tap optimization.

If you tap the Performance button, it will reveal to you the total number of active apps that can be closed, as well as the total memory that can be freed to optimize the processing speed of your device.  The Advanced button under it lets you select running apps that you wish to close (which can be done by tapping the Kill button).

The Memory button triggers one-tap optimization of phone memory. It will also show you the total number of apps which are using most of the memory space as well as the total memory  consumed. You can free up some memory by choosing the Advanced option and selecting the individual applications that you want to clear.

There is also the Privacy button, which works by wiping the search history and the cache of your browser. When you go further to the Advanced option, you can choose the private data that you want to clean.

Last, but not the least, is the Applications button where you can uninstall apps that you do not really use that much or do not use anymore.

Android Speed Booster is worth trying especially if you need optimization that is both effective and fast. If you want to try the app, download Android Speed Booster free from the Google Play Store.

How do you make sure that your Android phone or Android tablet runs at optimal performance?