Recently, it was reported that BlackBerry is facing several problems with its niche market. This issue has risen with the number of businesses who are looking for smartphones capable of Android features. Because of this, Research in Motion (RIM) has been found conceptualizing new ways they can tap into their markets once again.

Especially with RIM’s European and North American markets, it seems like more people prefer Apple and Samsung devices. Unfortunately for the company, the report was shown to be from the markets wherein RIM used to be the superior option. Now, the three companies have reached equality among such markets.

On the other hand, BlackBerry has been shown making waves in developing countries. As more and more business people turn to the device for hassle free business, they are the only ones who are saving RIM. However, RIM shouldn’t rely on this alone, if they want to succeed for the next several years. RIM needs to think of a new, healthier strategy so they can regain the spot they have lost from their previously loyal markets.

According to a Forrester analyst named Frank Gillett, BlackBerry needs to take the matter seriously. In a recently concluded global survey, analysts discovered that 27% information workers used Android smartphones, 26% use BlackBerry, and only 24% have an iPhone. This is clear indication that BlackBerry is slowly using its standing in the consumer world.

What do you think? Will BlackBerry be able to regain its spot? Or do you see it having an early demise from the smartphone industry?