Ever since its entry in the smartphone market in 2008, Android’s spot in the market has reduced. From its 52.5% share in Q3 2011, Android only reached 47.0% in the last quarter of 2011. This data has been reported by ABI Research; who really didn’t have to explain the reason behind this fallout.

Everyone knows that with the launch of the iPhone 4S, the market pretty much became a leveled field for Android and iOS. Even though there were a huge number of Android phones shipped out during the quarter, it still wasn’t enough to overtake sales of the latest Apple product—not even the 33 million Samsung shipped out.

“Apple’s iPhone 4S cut Samsung off at the knees and outpaced Samsung’s highly coveted 280% [year-to-year] smartphone growth,” ABI wrote.

By selling 37million iPhone units on the last quarter of the year, Apple was able to finally top the smartphone market.

The data ABI collected was based on a global scale. If not for the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple would have retained its muted presence throughout the world. In fact, it was only in the US where the iPhone has remained on the #1 spot ever since its debut.

If this data seems to sound as a threat to Android, there really isn’t an issue. According to ABI, the huge growth of Apple is because of China.

Nevertheless, the clamor about the iPhone 4S is already dying down. This has hit Apple smack in the face with a realization that it can only wow its consumers once a year, while Android keeps coming up with new and exciting units often.

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