Android SDK v0.9

It has been a busy couple of days on the Android front. Latest news is that a new version of the Android SDK has been made available. The new version of the SDK promises a new home screen and “many” UI tweaks as well as new task management.

Also new is the requirement for .APK files to be signed or else the OS will reject them at install time. Local, self-signed apps are acceptable, though, so this change shouldn’t prove to be too much of a burden for developers.

A video and more information are available after the break.

The Android dev team also notes that the full Bluetooth API and the full GTalkService API will be missing from the 1.0 release of the Android SDK. This could mess with some existing applications already in development, to be sure.

On the bright side, the SDK now includes the Music and Messaging applications, the Media Player has received a number of bug fixes, and the emulator’s performance has been improved. More details are available in the release notes for the SDK.

The guys over at Engadget have posted a video of the SDK’s emulator in action, so you can see for yourself what the new UI looks like.

[via HelloAndroid]

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