If you’ve been keeping up with Android news, then you’ve likely heard a rumor or two about the next version of the operating system and the next Nexus device. One site that has been feeding the internets with a ton of information, Android and Me, has recently issued an apology, saying that some of what they’ve said has been purely made up. Here’s the exact quote:

“It was brought to our attention that the details contained in the post ‘Rumor: Android 4.2 to feature Project Roadrunner, new Play store, Customization Center, enhanced Google Now’ were fake. A rumor is a rumor, but we try to post only the ones that we can verify with multiple sources and we believe to be true. I apologize for failing to confirm this rumor with multiple sources and spreading false information.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. People like to mess with the press. It’s the job of the press to figure out what the truth is and what’s simply fabricated nonsense. Sometimes the press gets it right, and sometimes it gets things horribly wrong.

With this new news in mind, what, if anything, do we actually “know” to be correct? We know that LG is going to make the next Nexus. That’s been confirmed by multiple sources, including C|Net and Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo. Andy Rubin, who can best be described as the man who gave birth to Android, is going to be interviewed at the Dive Into Mobile conference hosted by AllThingsD, which is sceduled to take place between October 29th and October 30th. We don’t know if he’s going to show off the next Nexus at that event, but we’d like to point out that he demoed the Nexus S at the 2010 Dive Into Mobile conference.

If we broke your heart today, we’re sorry. All we can say to console you is that there’s a very high probability that Google will make all this stuff official within the next few weeks.

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