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Android Q&A - How to protect from Viruses - Switching from iPhone - Effects of Rooting Your Phone

October 30, 2013

Question 1

[quote qtext=”Hi, if you could help me out with this I would really appreciate it! I was wondering, is it possible to get a virus from just browsing a website on my phone or from downloading an image? I have the Sony Xperia Z1 and am also using Norton Security so that should warn me if something is wrong, right?” qperson=”Caelum Cunnane” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]


Yes, but not in the way that you mentioned, you see some people have you fearing that an evil virus is waiting behind every corner. In reality viruses have not spread on mobile devices the way they once did on PCS. Let’s talk about where some real dangers lie:

  1. Sharing SD cards with your friends.
  2. Syncing your device with someone else’s computer or a public computer
  3. Do not download apps from untrusted sources, only download from Google Play or Amazon App store.

The best thing you can do it go to the Google Play store and download Lookout mobile security for your Android device to secure your device.

Question 2

[quote qtext=”Hello. Do you think its good to buy a HTC One now or wait for HTC to release a new version of it? I don’t want the One Max. Thanks.” qperson=”Mike” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]


Are you really wetted to HTC as a brand or do you just want the best Android experience on a large screen? If it’s the latter, well you really want to wait for the Nexus 5, that’s going to be a significant hardware bump and you get vanilla Android.

Question 3

[quote qtext=”Hi! I want to switch to android from my iphone. So what phone should I by? Buy a samsung galaxy s4 or wait for the s5 or buy a note 3??” qperson=”Ali” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]


That really depends on how you use your phone. If user experience is a priority for you, I can’t really recommend Samsung here at all. I would recommend the Moto X it is far kinder to the average user and it’s been a big hit. But if you are a geek like me and you lust over the S4’s four cores then do you yourself a favor and buy the S4 from the Google Play Store if it’s available in your country.

Question 4

[quote qtext=”I have heard that performance of a phone decreases after rooting/or by installing custom ROMs. Is this hoax correct?” qperson=”Emiliano” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]


First we would give a word to the wise, rooting your phone carries real risk. The first being it can brick your phone. We say brick your phone instead of break your phone because if you fail at this, this is the only thing your phone will be good for, to be used as a brick. Rooting is for those of us who love to tinker a lot to get a little improvement. Fun for some, dangerous for others. So Emiliano there is some truth to this notion, many people who root their phones see a performance bump right away, some see no change whatsoever. But in many cases the phone will decrease in performance over time because rooting your phone makes it more vulnerable to malware attacks.

Question 5

[quote qtext=”Will Samsung Galaxy S4 get Android 4.4?” qperson=”Mattias” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]


Yes, eventually, touchwiz is considered such a top heavy use experience that it would greatly benefit from 4.4 KitKat. But hey, 4.3 just dropped this week, so we have a lot of waiting to do…

Don’t forget that this is fueled by your questions. If you don’t ask, we can’t answer!