Hello again and welcome back to this week’s episode of Android Q&A. This week we talk about SD card problems, whether or not the Xperia Z will get the Android 4.3 update, and which smartwatches are worth picking up right now. Check below for the written responses or above for the video!

Question 1

Just read an article by Brad Ward about accessories for the Galaxy S4. Sandisk class 10 memory card is recommended. I have a Lexar class 10 32g in my GS4. After about 120 pics my gallery looked fine, but when I select each pic and bring them up full screen about every 3rd pic had a large gray stripe through it that takes up about a third of the pic. I called Lexar. They said the GS4 needs a class 6 or lower. I was not able to recover my pics that have the gray stripe. They offered to switch out my class 10 for a class 6 card. – Troy


I’m sorry to say that Lexar fed you a load of crap. Class 10 SD cards have been safe to use in smartphones for quite some time. Long before the Galaxy S4. Without knowing more about your set up, I’d guess it’s either the SD card going bad or a problem with the actual camera. I would take the SD card out and snap a few shots that get saved to internal storage. If the gray stripe is still there, it’s a camera problem and if it isn’t, it was most likely a bad SD card and you should have it replaced.

Question 2

Hey Android Authority, I was thinking about buying a smartwatch and there are now a couple choices to pick from. I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but I am not very happy with how that turned out. Should I wait for the iwatch? What do you recommend? – Ritvik


Personally, I would wait until 2015 when smartwatches have evolved into something genuinely useful. You can wait for the iWatch but I don’t see them making it all that much better than current smartwatches. If you must have one, I’d go for a Pebble because they’re cheaper while still providing that companion device feeling.

Question 3

Is it still worth it to buy the HTC One? – Asil


Absolutely. Even though there are phones coming out with the Snapdragon 800, devices with the Snapdragon 600 are still considered top tier devices that are well worth purchasing. You won’t see any significant improvements in the 5” lineup of smartphones until next year so if you want a One, get yourself a One.

Question 4

Hey Android Authority, I’m getting the galaxy note 3 next week, but I’m thinking about if I should I get the Note 3 Right now or wait for the Nexus 5, or the next HTC one. – Anthony


You really can’t go wrong with any of those devices. The Nexus 5 will have the latest Android, but the Note 3 has a bigger screen and bigger battery, and the HTC One has the superior build quality and Boomsound. What you need to ask yourself is which features are the most important to you. If you want size and battery, then get the Note 3. If you want the bleeding edge of Android, get the Nexus 5, and if you want superior build quality and sound, get the HTC One.

Question 5

Do you know when Android 4.3 will come to the Sony Xperia Z? – Ollie Brader


Unfortunately, there are no rumblings in the rumor community as to when the Xperia Z will get the Android 4.3 update. However, Sony is a lot better than other OEMs at updating their devices, so we imagine it’ll happen eventually. We can’t tell you when because we don’t know, but it would be a surprise if they didn’t bring it eventually.

Don’t forget that this is fueled by your questions. If you don’t ask, we can’t answer!

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