First Orion PrivacyStar

First Orion PrivacyStar

PrivacyStar by First Orion is a subscription service that allows users to block unwanted calls from specific telephone numbers. First Orion have now announced a new SMS text blocking feature on PrivacyStar for Android.

The original bread-and-butter service allows subscribers to block specific individual numbers or perhaps entire area codes. The tool is very versatile as it allows the users to also specify a range of numbers user ‘wild-card’ characters. This update now extends to text messages and “spam from telemarketers who use the Internet or VoIP to generate mobile spam”.

“The ability to block SMS text messages and carrier billing are two of the top requests we receive from the PrivacyStar community,” said Jeff Stalnaker, CEO of First Orion. “Therefore we are happy to introduce text message blocking for our Android users and very soon an easy way for AT&T and T-Mobile PrivacyStar subscribers to subscribe to our service. We will continue to listen to our subscribers about the features and functionality they want.”

If you are interested in this type of technology, we would recommend checking it out. There is a free 7-day trial period which then costs 2.99 (USD) per month. You may receive discounts on 6-month or 12-month billing periods. You can grab a copy from the Android Market or directly from their website, If you’re using AT&T and T-Mobile you will simply be able to opt in by selecting the service on your monthly statement.

[Source: PrivacyStar]

James Tromans
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