This one is a bit scary for any Android fans that plan on doing some international travel. has received an email from a G1 owner who claims to have been socked with a $102 data roaming charge after having spent two weeks in the United Kingdom – even when he had the phone’s data roaming setting disabled.

Staff from a T-Mobile store had told our poor victim that as long as he stayed away from internet services on the phone, he would be OK.  According to the owner, he disabled data roaming, synching, and 3G on his handset before heading overseas.

That seems to us to be more than reasonable preparation.

The problem is, in spite of those reasonable precautions, he was still nailed with over $100 in data roaming charges because his phone, according to his billing detail, seemed to pull down $.15 worth of data every “3 to 7 minutes.”

A T-Mobile customer service rep, when asked about the charges, supposedly told this poor guy that the answer to avoiding the charges is leave the phone in the USA.

Of course this is all based on a random email message from a random, semi-anonymous person, but we intend to ask T-Mobile about the G1’s data roaming none the less.