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The Android platform version numbers for August are out, showing steady growth for KitKat and a very small increase for the antiquated Gingerbread.

The stats cover the week ending August 12 and only include devices that are running the Play Store app. Google releases platform version numbers each month in order to give developers an idea of the Android versions they should target with their apps.

android platform version august 2014

The fresh data shows a consistent 3 percentage points jump for KitKat, compared with the July data. The good evolution of KitKat, released in November 2013, is no surprise – all high-end devices, most mid-rangers, and even many entry-level devices launched over the past months have come with KitKat out of the box.

Counted together, the three Jelly Bean versions registered a decline of about two percent, though Android 4.2.x actually grew by 0.1 percentage points.

Surprisingly, the stubborn Gingerbread registered a 0.1 percentage points growth compared to last month. This could be the result of rounding or inaccurate measuring. Still, it’s a bit disappointing to see Gingerbread, that will soon turn four-years-old, still hanging on. Its persistence is a testimony to its massive popularity during a boom period in the mobile industry, but also to the fact that Gingerbread is still the OS of choice for ultra cheap devices sold mainly in developing markets.

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