Parrot Grande Specciho

Parrot Grande Specciho

Earlier in the year it appeared as though a Japanese firm called Macinca Inc was going to blaze the trail for Android in the digital photo-frame market. Despite digging, not much more has turned up on this news item since May.

Now, Parrot are stepping in with an Android based photo-frame. The company is expected to launch an official announcement on 17 November, but to wet your taste buds, you can expect a 10.4-inch 26 x 26 photo frame which will set your wallet back $650. Did we forget to mention it is ‘designer’? Ok, so it is a bit steep in price but the feature list is quite interesting too.

For example, owners of this piece of kit can stream content directly from Flickr and also browse the web with the built in browser. If Flickr is not enough for you, then the device offers the capability of searching ‘people’ which will automatically search the Internet for a ‘never-ending slide show of faces of the world’. There is a similar feature called ‘Holidays’ whereby the user may select a location on Google maps and the device will do the rest, picking out pictures of that location to display. When the photo-frame is not in use, it can act as a mirror too.

For those that are more interested iun looking at their own pictures, the Grande Specchio offers up Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is also a USB connection and an SD expansion slot too. The device only packs 200MB of memory and at this price we’re a little surprised. However, with plenty of expansion and streaming options, it shouldn’t be a real issue. A full image gallery is provided at Pocket-Lint.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.