Being locked out of your phone is a potentially a worse situation to be in than to being locked out of your car or house. You can always get a locksmith for the latter, or break into your own house through the window (assuming there’s one). What if we told you that you can use the same breaking-in method to regain control of your phone?

A senior member of XDA forum, m.sabra, has come up with a solution that enables you to bypass the pattern lock security on Android devices. The only requirement it asks is that the “USB debugging” option should already be enabled prior to the mind lapse. Those who have dabbled with the world of modding and flashing should already be familiar with the option.

All you need to do to bypass the security is to push several lines of commands through ADB, the details of which you can find in the original thread at XDA-Developers. Once the device is rebooted, you can use any combination of pattern to unlock it. It was mentioned that the two-step method will run on non-rooted devices, but it may depend on your device’s ROM. The workaround apparently won’t work on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but confirmation is still being sought if the hack will work on other versions.

While the method is useful for folks those who can’t seem to remember their Android unlock pattern, in the wrong hands it means people with malicious intentions can easily access your lost or stolen Android device. We can only suggest for you to stock up on those Gingkgo Biloba supplements (to keep your memory sharp) and keep the USB debugging option unchecked.